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Glendale Arizona Naturopathic Doctor

About Dr. Ehrlich, Glendale Arizona

Natural Health Specialist, Glendale AZ

Dr. Ehrlich started Solutions™ because he was frustrated by what he saw in health care – both conventional and “naturopathic”: Doctors were failing to address the fundamental CAUSES of a patient’s illness and failing as well to develop a methodical, step-by-step plan for that individual patient to find their way back to the vital health that everyone deserves.


Determined to create a medical center where people could find real answers and a clear individualized path to take them out of the despair of pain and illness Dr. Ehrlich founded Solutions™, and like the name implies this is a medical center focused on solving complex health challenges getting people back to living with joy and vitality.

Naturopathic Solutions in Glendale Arizona

Acupuncture, Hormone Balancing, Botanical Medicine, Neurotransmitter Testing & Naturopathic Pain Management

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Why Naturopathy

Why Naturopathic Solutions in Glendale Arizona?

Learn About What Naturopathic Solutions Can Help With...

Phoenix Arizona Naturopathic Doctor
Glendale Arizona Natropathic Doctor


Unlock the secrets to optimal gut health. Experience improved digestion and overall wellness with our personalized natural therapies.


Rejuvenate your energy levels naturally. Our holistic approach targets the root causes of fatigue, revitalizing your body and mind.


Rejuvenate your energy levels naturally. Our holistic approach targets the root causes of fatigue, revitalizing your body and mind.

Glendale Phoenix Arizona Naturopathic Doctor

Women's Health

Empower your health journey with holistic care tailored for women. From hormonal balance to reproductive health, we support your wellness at every stage.

Weight Loss

Transform your body with our sustainable weight loss solutions. Achieve lasting results through balanced nutrition and natural weight management strategies.


Find your oasis of calm. Our natural stress reduction techniques promote mental clarity and inner peace, helping you navigate life's challenges with ease.

Reviews About Our Naturopathic Work in Glendale AZ:

“I am a Caribbean girl living in Maryland and had this pain in my hip. I took pain meds, injections and nothing for years. I relocated to phoenix trying to get away from the cold thinking that will help but it didn’t. So one day on instagram I saw this advertisement and decided what the hell to lose 49:00 bucks. So I made an appointment because I couldn’t . raise my leg to get into the car or put my pants and underwear on. I had my visit and immediately my leg lift itself into the car the morning I got up couldn’t believe my hip was feeling like a 16 year old. Ain’t that amazing moving forward no pain. I am telling you all out there it’s not a robot, or I was paid for this is a real person talking . Today I am doing my treatment and feeling much better. Thank you Dr.Erlich.”

Our Naturopathic Services in Glendale Arizona

Phoenix Arizona, Naturopathic Doctor, Accupuncture

Balanced Method

Phoenix Arizona Hormone Balancing

Hormone Balancing & Optimization

Phoenix Arizona Botanical Nutrition

Botanical &

Neurotransmitter Testing & Modulation

Neurotransmitter Testing & Modulation Phoenix Ariozna

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